Daft.ie – Stages of Life – TV Ad Ft. “I Live Here” Written and Performed by Canci

Canci Live Performance At The Sugar Club, Daft.ie Launch

“I Live Here” Soundtrack for Daft.ie TV Ad


Canci - I Live Here - Daft.ie Soundtrack Poseter

The songs that I write are stories about my life. They are captured moments and emotions of the things that I love, hard things that I’ve gone through and interesting things that I’ve seen around me. The lyrics of “I Live Here” describe pieces of my life experience from when I first moved to Ireland.

In a new collaboration with a music producer, “I Live Here” became the first song that I recorded in the studio. The process of being in the studio was new to me, I had no idea what to expect. I went in with my guitar excited about creating something new. We recorded the song in one day, one long day. My partnership with my producer turned out to be incredible. I was amazed with how, in one day, the song that I wrote on my living room floor sounded so different, and I totally loved it.

“I Live Here” was mixed in the UK by legendary producer Chris Potter (U2, The Verve, Keane, The Feeling). 

Within a few weeks of mixing and mastering, I sent my song to Daft.ie for consideration in the up-coming commercial being produced. It turned out to be great match “I Live Here” became the soundtrack for the national TV campaign for Daft.ie. My song fit and the ad so well that it was as if I had written it specifically for the ad.

It was an incredible experience to have my song playing all over Ireland on every TV channel many times a day! As a songwriter I’m so proud of that achievement. 

The official launch of the Daft.ie TV ad was held in The Sugar Club where I played more of my original songs.

Canci Live Performance At The Sugar Club, Daft.ie Launch

I had a great team working with me on this album including Robert McLeod who produced and played on my song and other tracks from my album.

Listen to “I Live Here” and more songs from my new EP “All Of A Sudden


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